The Curious three-phase approach

Curious enables innovation on three levels:

01. Tools

We provide hands-on innovation tools to build your capability and content.

02. Communication

We construct stories to engage and inspire.

03. Culture

We connect you to your purpose so you can enable others.

01. Tools
Curious innovation Labs

You know your business best. Our learning experiences take this deep knowledge and equip it with rigorous tools – tools that help you create new ventures and find news ways to innovate. Often you just need to create the space to try.

Invest in the minds of your team and your return will be multifold. Our programs build staff capability and engagement, help your teams create new products and services, and embed values of collaboration, co-design and innovation in your company.

02. Culture
Curious culture programs

Innovation is not just about new ideas; it’s borne out of the very culture of your company.

We work with the dynamic content and faculties developed by theSchool of Life to enable thinkers to explore new ideas in playful and immersive sessions. From 45-minute cocktail-style conversations to three-hour workshop sessions, our sessions connect leaders and teams with their passion and purpose – before helping them explore how to unlock this potential in others, and build high-performing teams.

To get a taste of the session topics – which include ‘How to realise your potential’ and ‘How to make a difference’ – here are just two overviews of the many available sessions:

How to be Creative

This class is devised to help a team gain practical techniques for improving creativity through experiment and discussion. We discover how to boost creative confidence. We explore why intuition, play and daydreaming are essential to innovation. We find out how blocks and boredom can become creative triggers. We take an honest look at what motivation we need to sustain us. And we examine ancient and modern wisdom on how to handle criticism, constraints and failure more easily.

How to have Better Conversations

This is a class about the art of conversation. We explore its history, drawing lessons from top talkers like Doctor Johnson and Woody Allen. We investigate the psychology and philosophy of conversation – what works and what doesn’t – as well as the assumptions we make about other people that stifle mutual understanding. And of course we put the ideas we explore into practice. Discover how to make the leap from mere idle banter to enriching and adventurous conversation for personal and teamwork.

03. Communication
Curious communications programs

History continues to show us that the most impactful leaders develop skills to communicate with empathy. To make a real difference, it’s vital we learn how to connect at deep levels with others, and communicate our ideas with authenticity and care.

A powerful way to achieve this is to gather and tell stories that resonate powerfully with those you are seeking to inspire. That’s why we run workshops that help leaders listen, gather and distil stories from their teams. Once you have these skills, we help you create a narrative that will be felt, understood, remembered and acted upon.