The Curious philosophy

At Curious, we know the right culture is essential in order for innovation to flourish. That’s why we help leaders build an enabling space where their people can test, fail and learn without fear.

We understand that experiential learning enables deep mastery and speedy execution. That’s why we provide hands-on and disciplined programs – for teams to use immediately at work.

People and business are inspired when passion and purpose collide. That’s why we recommend capability challenges that fall outside your day-to-day business – meaningful social challenges can connect your work to a new purpose.

Even though we’re experts, we are always learning. Our top lessons are:

  • Building a disruptive culture is an ongoing journey, not a one-off fix.
  • A change in culture requires a systematic approach – once the tools are understood and a culture is explored, our system and reward structures can often remain unchanged.
  • Innovation has value – it needs an investment of time and resources, which are balanced against business-as-usual. Together, this can result in an established return on investment.
  • Establishing a common set of language, tools and expectations is a great place to start.
The best way of learning about anything is by doing
— Richard Branson